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Fresh Meat

This dark, sometimes bizarre, and always macabre short story collection, gave five aspiring writers the chance to confront things they normally wouldn’t dare to. In Ed Marlowe’s “Mississippi Mists” a fisherman finds himself being hunted by a horror out of his childhood stories on the same day a boy is spirited away without a trace. In Lynn Moore’s “Blackout” a woman struggles to keep up appearances while losing her mind, but she also has to honor a deal she doesn’t remember making—with deadly consequences.

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Five Days in Darling

Horrible, fantastical things loom just out of sight in the dying micropolitan of Darling, Iowa. Dragons and psychics exist side-by-side. Bubble worlds and terrifying prisons hide in plain sight. Even the river holds a strange secret. Paranormal thrills and chills hide around every corner in these five dark genre-spanning original stories: Not in My Backyard Worse Than Chicago Whisper of the Wind Chimes Love, Death, and Mayflies Sleepless Nights Some people survive the dark, some don’t.

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