Five Days in Darling

Five Days in Darling

Horrible, fantastical things loom just out of sight in the dying micropolitan of Darling, Iowa. Dragons and psychics exist side-by-side. Bubble worlds and terrifying prisons hide in plain sight. Even the river holds a strange secret. Paranormal thrills and chills hide around every corner in these five dark genre-spanning original stories:

  • Not in My Backyard
  • Worse Than Chicago
  • Whisper of the Wind Chimes
  • Love, Death, and Mayflies
  • Sleepless Nights

Some people survive the dark, some don’t. Others vanish, never to be seen again.

If you like your stories dark, violent, and supernatural, or if you’re a fan of urban fantasy, paranormal, or horror—Five Days in Darling has something for you.

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