Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

This dark, sometimes bizarre, and always macabre short story collection, gave five aspiring writers the chance to confront things they normally wouldn’t dare to.

In Ed Marlowe’s “Mississippi Mists” a fisherman finds himself being hunted by a horror out of his childhood stories on the same day a boy is spirited away without a trace.

In Lynn Moore’s “Blackout” a woman struggles to keep up appearances while losing her mind, but she also has to honor a deal she doesn’t remember making—with deadly consequences.

In David Alpine’s “This Mortal Coil” a deputy, Nathaniel Crow, navigates falling for a zombie while fighting off undead bandits who are hellbent on pillaging his town and worse.

Also featuring a duo of flash fiction pieces by Jess Clark that might make you decide to start cooking at home, and a story by Vick Day featuring time travel, snakes, a plane, a gun with one bullet and a choice.

This book contains depictions of violence, blood, dismemberment, and eternal damnation of the immortal soul.

If you’re still reading, this book is for you.

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